NEOPine Newly Released Back-Buckle Camera Lens Hood

2013-12-02 08:56:00  |  Default

As it is known to all that camera lens hood is an essential piece of kit for owners of cameras. It can protect camera lens from accidental bumps or scratches. NEOPine newly release a new style of camera lens hood, which can support back buckle. This specially designed back buckled camera lens hood can be mounted with filters. It has two different sizes: 52mm and 58mm. Users can install the mount at the outside of camera lens hood, or install the mount inside of the camera lens hood. This unique design can bring much convenience to camera users.
camera lens hood
This NEOPine camera lens hood is made of super quality impact plastic. It can improve the versatility of camera lens. Enables to shoot while facing the light source, it can stop light from coming into the lens at extreme angles and being reflected inside the lens, provide a cost-effective solution to the problems caused by sun glare, rain and wind-blown debris. It is also valuable in providing against knocks and damage.

NEOPine back-buckle camera lens hood can improve the quality of images. It is easy to use bayonet mount attaches to camera lens for a tight and secure fit. Just twist on or off. No wobbling or cross-threading.


Size: 52mm, 58mm
Weight: 25g, 29g

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